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  1. Some parents across the country are revolting against standardized testing http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/some-parents-across-the-country-are-revolting-against-standardized-testing/2015/03/05/e2abd062-c1e1-11e4-9ec2-b418f57a4a99_story.html

  2. I came across a topic in regards to the recent result of standardized testing, and I guess I am not quite surprise how it turned out. Ohio and few other states have decided that they will start crafting their own test from now on but then it makes me think that how Common Core will live up to their goal of uniformity and cross-state comparisons when this happen? Guess it will only be a matter of time until every states decides to pull out of this new standard. http://www.vnews.com/lifetimes/18904135-95/ohios-tests-are-latest-try-to-unravel-common-core


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