Monday, May 6, 2013

National CCSS Flyer

Please save, print and share!

Available here, after the jump.



  1. I am having a terrible time trying to print this. It prints the entire webpage with the flyer being a little image and all the sidebars and everything else also being on the page. I don't seem to have any other print options to try... I'm looking for another print button somewhere that would print just the flyer. I think this is a great resource but also needs to be put on the homepage with a link so it doesn't get buried over time.

  2. Click on the image, right click on the picture, choose "save image as"....... Then print the image from your own file copy.

  3. This is a description of Communism. The is what they do in China. You do not have the right to follow your dreams. You must do what the test says you are good at.

  4. Is there a PDF of this flyer? No matter how I try when I print it is blurry and unreadable. Thanks


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