Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unintended Consequences

As you may know, children with special needs are one of our BIG concerns here at PEACCS. This blog post is a must read. I read it when it was first written, as the mother is an acquaintance of mine and a fantastic supporter and fighter for special needs children, not just her own. Her letter should say it all and in the end, she is a great mom doing her son a great service by fighting for him!

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  1. The common core is a sinkhole for bright "different learners." Imagine a kid two years ahead in math forced to do language intensive problems with weird language and bizarre overkill of what could just be taught by...memorizing, that old dumb way that educated people in times tables for how long? So the school will have to explain why a brilliant kid who isn't good with language can't pass with this junk

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  3. Your blog very informative. Being a school teacher these blogs really help me out

  4. I appreciate your strong opinion and the research you have taken to know what is best for your student as your son. I wish as a teacher in public education that every parent went to this much effort to make sure their student was successful. However, I disagree with some of what you believe. Common Core is not perfect, however, there are some positives to having the standards across the nation. You believe that Common Core Standards make teachers feel pressured to teach to the test and ignore other "less important" areas such as art and PE. I believe this to be false. I think that Common Core can include and encourage creativity in students and should be used to encourage us to teach at the most engaging and highest level possible. Common Core is a way to unify all states and the overall educational experience that all of our students receive. It helps teachers know how they can most adequately prepare their students to be successful and work with the same rigor other students in the nation at the same grade level. As a parent, I feel your pain in how much homework your student was doing a night, I am not saying this is necessary, however, you should also be sure that he is receiving a quality educational experience that is preparing him for his future.


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